ODM Business

Bringing J-beauty to the World and Global Beauty into Japan.

Our department is fully engaged in cosmetics ODM business (Original Design Manufacturing Business service) with our own advanced-functions of "product concept & design", "product development", "formulation development", as well as "manufacturing / quality assurance" for cosmetics.

On top of those core function, we have a business alliance with Intercos Group (Intercos S.p.A headquarter: Italy) as a worldwide business strategic partner, in order to deliver ''J-Beauty'' (culture, traditional art and craft, technology) into the worldwide market, which is our new function to transform our activity into the new value, dissemination and contribution to global cosmetic market and industry.

In view of our further challenge, and assuming the future dynamic changes and transformation in the cosmetic market, we are also to leverage Sumitomo Corporation Group network and its valuable business asset, to deliver our new value into the whole value chain related to Cosmetic market. 

In 2022, we obtained a license of Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales and establish our own supply system to meet the needs of various customers in Japan.