A Global Partner with Local Roots

Summit Cosmetics is the first cosmetics-related business company of the Sumitomo Corporation Group. Our business is centered on cosmetic materials business and cosmetics ODM business (Original Design Manufacturing), and we are developing businesses unique to a general trading company group on the global stage.

Our strengths include a total of more than 250 cosmetics specialists in our group companies around the world, as well as our reach into 70% of the global personal care market and having more than 2000 existing customers.
By leveraging these important assets with the integrated corporate strength of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, we are able to utilize (1) expertise focused solely on cosmetics, (2) long-standing local customer service experience at our regional offices, (3) marketing capabilities based on experience, (4) formulation development capabilities of cosmetic ingredients, (5) product planning capabilities based on efficacy, and so on.

We aim to be a trusted partner by providing total personal care solutions to our customers, from trade operations to business investment with these strengths.

In the cosmetic materials business, one of our major strategies is to "go global" on the world stage. We have group companies in the United States (Presperse), Brazil (SUMMIT COSMETICS LATAM) and France and Germany (SUMMIT COSMETICS EUROPE) and are developing our business globally with the cooperation of the Sumitomo Corporation Group's network of overseas bases. Through this business network, we are able to draw out the needs of our more than 2000 customers, who are the key assets of our group, and quickly and meticulously provide high-quality cosmetic materials that meet those needs. In addition, we have invested in Biogenics, a material development venture in South Korea, and we are disseminating its material development technology from South Korea to the world through our group companies.

In order to further evolve our business, we have become the global headquarters and integrated our global companies since fiscal year 2023.
With this integration, we will continue to challenge ourselves to improve our services to customers, suppliers, and other partners and to contribute to the enhancement of customer value on a global scale.
Through our group's global network, collaboration and knowledge sharing across national borders is very active, and our staff is constantly seeking new challenges and positively making actions with experiencing and enjoying the diversity of cultures and ways of doing business.
Global Network