Message from the President

We’re a group of professionals that believes in the power of cosmetics.
Our cosmetics business is possible because we were born from a trading company.
Our cosmetics business is possible because we are a newly born company.
Koh Akiyama
President & CEO

Believe in the power of cosmetics,
and create a more beautiful world

For many years, I was involved in the cosmetics business at Sumitomo Corporation. During that time, I visited many countries and met with countless people. These experiences convinced me that everyone in the world shares the same desire to be beautiful. Cosmetics can make a person self-confident; even more so than making their outward appearance beautiful.

Cosmetics generate confidence, create the joy of change, and foster communication.

At Summit Cosmetics, everyone believes in this power of cosmetics and, while enjoying change in their own way, conveys that belief to ever more people. We are all committed to make the world a more beautiful place, both physically and mentally, with cosmetics.

Value diversity and entrepreneurship

For Summit Cosmetics, diversity isn’t necessary, it’s essential, and also more fun. Cosmetics are closely linked to the culture of a country and its communities. Because we know the world is overflowing with diverse beauty, we believe there is something we can convey through our products and services.

In addition, the very definition of abundance is changing around the world. We strive to be a company with a corporate culture that embraces differences and continually shares new forms of abundance, without holding firmly to fixed ideas.

Create the new value that
only the Sumitomo Corporation Group can

The cosmetics industry is a traditional industry not only in Japan, but around the world as well. This industry has been supported by an unwavering commitment to users and quality. On the other hand, there are also barriers in the value chain because companies are divided by function.

We, Summit Cosmetics, engage in the cosmetic ingredients and original design manufacturing (ODM) businesses, and transcend boundaries globally with worldwide assets as part of a trading company and the entrepreneurship to create new value. We have a strong commitment to contribute to the development of the cosmetics industry, beyond the boundaries of company, type of business, and nation.

We will also work closely with our partners around the world to address the SDGs and traceability required not only by the cosmetics industry, but also by other industries around the world as well.

We, Summit Cosmetics, will continue to tackle challenges that only we can tackle.