Our SDGs &
CSR Activities

We support the Sustainable Development Goals

We Have Earned Silver Medal from EcoVadis

We have earned a silver medal from EcoVadis, a French sustainability rating provider.
Since its establishment in 2007, EcoVadis has provided sustainability ratings to more than 100,000 companies in 175 countries.

Increasing "Green Products" offerings

Our commitment is to contribute to SDGs through offering
"Green Products" to Cosmetic Market.
*Green Products : Cosmetic ingredients which are

  • 1. derived from natural products,
  • 2. gentle & safe to human bodies, and
  • 3. considering environmental & social sustainability
Followings are examples of the "Green Products" at current our portfolios;

Sustainable cosmetic ingredients by utilizing food waste
(manufacturer:Active Concepts, USA)

1.Upcycled materials:
For example, PhytoCycle™ Orange utilizes “ugly” oranges not sold in grocery stores, as well as discarded orange pulp, to create an efficacious raw material. AC PolyJackharides utilizes discarded jackfruit waste from the food industry, as such a small portion of the jackfruit is actually edible, with 70-80% of the plant material going to waste.
  • Derived from Orange
    ~Phytocycle ™ Orange~
  • Derived from Jackfruits
    ~AC PolyJackharides~
2.Cradle-to-cradle approach:
Active Concepts also utilizes a cradle-to-cradle approach to maximize the use of our raw material. For instance, Active Concepts sustainably sources whole pomegranates and uses all parts of the whole pomegranate to create our various pomegranate raw materials such as pomegranate enzymes, sterols, extracts, juices, and powders. By doing so, we are able to eliminate wasting any parts of the pomegranate because it is all being used up, while maximizing the yield of the given starting material.
  • Derived from Pomegranate
    ~Pomegranate series~

100% natural alternative to petroleum-based cosmetic ingredient: GreenDiol™ (manufacturer : GS Caltex Corporation, South Korea)

GreenDiol™ is a natural ingredient that inherently exists in our natural surroundings, and GS Caltex uses an eco-friendly bioprocess to produce GreenDiol™ using sugarcane as its feedstock.
We do continue to focus on the development and distribution of "Green Products" globally.

CSR Initiatives for Supply Chain Management

The Sumitomo Corporation Group has established the CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management. Through the implementation of these guidelines, we are aiming to realize a sustainable society by working together with our suppliers and business partners to achieve responsible value chain management. The Company provides numerous opportunities to promote the understanding and entrenchment of these guidelines for all employees.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management

Established in November 2009
Revised in November 2013
The Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to be a global organization that, by constantly staying a step ahead in dealing with change, creating new value, and contributing broadly to society, strives to achieve prosperity and realize the dreams of all our stakeholders through sound business activities in strict adherence to our Corporate Mission Statement, and the management style principle contained therein, wherein prime importance is given to integrity and sound management with the utmost respect being paid to the individual.
In order to promote sustainability and social wellbeing in accordance with our mission, the Sumitomo Corporation Group hereby sets down these CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management. With a view to further strengthening the global relations which form one of the foundations of our core competence of integrated corporate strength, we request our suppliers and business partners to kindly accept, understand, and practice these guidelines so that together we can achieve responsible value chain management.
  • 1.Respect human rights and not to be complicit in human rights abuses.
  • 2.Prevent forced labor, child labor and the payment of unfairly low wages.
  • 3.Not engage in discriminatory employment practices.
  • 4.Respect the rights of employees to associate freely in order to ensure open and fair negotiations between labor and management.
  • 5.Provide employees with safe and healthy work environments.
  • 6.Protect the global environment and give due consideration to biodiversity.
  • 7.Ensure the quality and safety of products and services.
  • 8.Ensure fair business transactions, to abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and to prevent extortion, bribery and all other forms of corrupt business practices.
  • 9.Ensure appropriate information security.
  • 10.Cooperate with members of local host communities and contribute to sustainable regional development.
  • 11.Disclose information regarding the above in a manner both timely and appropriate.