We operate our business in accordance with Sumitomo Corporation Corporate Governance Principles.
Sumitomo Corporation Corporate Governance

Compliance Guidelines and System

We believe compliance takes priority over all activities and that we must never violate compliance as a result of putting too much importance on the pursuit of profit. To ensure thorough compliance, we have established a Compliance Committee that works on a daily basis to prevent compliance violations. As part of its efforts, the committee has distributed the Compliance Manual, which contains the same guidelines as those used by Sumitomo Corporation, to all employees to ensure that employees are well aware not to engage in questionable behavior from a compliance perspective. Another principle we follow in our day-to-day operations is reporting compliance issues immediately, which means, in the event of a compliance problem, employees must report the situation without delay to their line manager or to the relevant department. It also means that in case of a complaint from inside or outside the company, we will promptly investigate the matter and take steps to rectify the issue.
Compliance Guidelines

Raising Awareness about Compliance

We provide various forms of training to promote improved awareness of compliance among our people. This includes posting the latest version of the Compliance Manual and other manuals about laws and regulations on our intranet and continuously providing compliance classes on our e-learning platform for all officers and employees.

Speak-Up System

In addition to a reporting route through line managers, we also have a Speak-Up System where employees can contact the Compliance Committee directly if a compliance issue arises. As a rule, this System requires employees who report issues to use their names in order to receive feedback about the results of the investigation. But, internal regulations are in place to protect the confidentiality of the person making the report and the nature of the information to ensure they do not receive unfair treatment as a result of their report.